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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dictionary Software Download Ace Translator Free download

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Dictionary Software Download Ace Translator

 Ace Translator is a compact and useful tool for translating words and texts, using this software you can easily text to any language are the Persian language and other translated fifty-one on. Working with this software is very simple, just connect it when using the Copy and Paste your text into the first box software and then select the language you want to translate the text Please click on the Translate button and after a few seconds the software will give you the full translation that can help the software or the paper published in a text file save. You have this software, you no longer need to visit the online translation sites directly from your computer, you can translate your texts. The software is able to Html web pages that are stored in the file and then run the translation of words and texts in that it provides. In addition, the software is equipped with all facilities such as writing: Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Clear, Print, Save, which can use them to perform faster translation process. Other features of this software can be used to change the language of the application translated into Farsi and other languages ​​in the language selection menu to select the language faster.

Some Features Software Ace Translator

 - Full and powerful text translation and dictionaries with a single click.
- Ability to enter text with Copy and Paste.
- Ability to translate web pages stored on the computer.
- Possible translation to 52 different languages ​​including Persian language and literature.
- A High quality translation.
- Ability to change the language of the software to any of 52 languages ​​and Persian.
- Having all the facilities in the copy writing and editing text.
- Ability to translate even with slow internet.
- Appearing in front of all languages ​​to pick up the selected language.
- Translate directly on the computer without the need for online translation sites.
- Ability to store text in a text file.
- Ability to print the translated text.
- Ability to move the selected language with just one click.
- And ...


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